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ANUBIS K9 provides K9 Teams and fully trained working dogs for private security companies worldwide.


Patrol dogs deployed to protect private, industrial and commercial properties act as a force multiplier for any security guarding operation. Aside from being a strong deterent to potential criminals, K9s provide superior intruder detection capabilities, and are highly affective at intruder incapacitation and apprehension. 


⌘    Bomb threat incidents.  

⌘    Suspicious/unattended package incidents.  

⌘    ACP searches.  

⌘    Checkpoint searches.  

⌘.   Random gate searches.  

⌘    CID and military police investigations section.  

⌘    Health and welfare inspections.  

⌘    Building and area searches.  

⌘    Postal inspections.  

⌘    Aircraft and luggage searches.  

⌘    Predeployment and redeployment searches.  

⌘    Protective service missions.  

⌘   Other government agency support.  


⌘.  Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and  military police investigator drug investigations. 

⌘    USCS inspections.  

⌘    Health and welfare inspections.  

⌘    Barracks searches.  

⌘    Workplace searches.  

⌘    Random gate inspections.  

⌘    Area searches.  

⌘    Vehicle searches.  

⌘    Postal inspections.  

⌘    I/R operations.  

⌘    Aircraft and luggage searches.  

⌘    Predeployment and redeployment searches.  

⌘    Other government agency support.


working dogs are chosen for their levels of environmental tolerance, hunt and play characteristics. Dogs with these characteristics are undistracted in a robust environment, have exceptional endurance, enthusiasm, and motivation for performance activities.

Each dog is handpicked following strict guidelines, quality and performance standards. We use senior trainers and subject matter experts to perform hands-on assessments and testing of each dog, looking especially for:

  • Environmentally Strong

  • Quality and Performance

    • High drive

    • Good overall health

    • Genetics/breeding

    • Workability and endurance

  • Personality

    • A stable and approachable disposition

    • Consistent and appropriate behavior

    • Eagerness to exhibit obedience to verbal or signaled commands

    • Above average hunting and retrieval instincts

    • Exceptional intelligence and acuity

  • Evaluation

    • Less than 10% of canines screened will pass evaluations and be approved for training at our facilities.

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